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This PR agency’s slogan “breakthrough” is certainly reflected in its work history. For example, this top PR firms and Kimberly-Clark (a global personal care company) asked people to #TossTheTube, to bring attention to Scott Naturals® Tube-Free toilet paper. People were asked to simply not throw away their tube rolls; rather, they were asked to participate in building a 1,000-pound replica of the Empire State Building, in addition to a pledge drive.

Following the event, the construction was displayed at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan for several weeks. Sales in the New York Metro Area were up 41 percent afterward. The campaign lasted for 10 top PR firms, generating 113 million impressions and 18,000 media stories. Another interesting event was the A1 Sony Xperia Go Outdoor Challenge, in which Ketchum challenged Facebook fans to come up with crazy endurance tests for the phone.

MSL Group Review

The top PR firms zeroed in on five tests, which included blasting the phones with a fire hose and driving over it. The tests were edited into a single video, in which the phone survived all of the tests, and it went viral. The carrier sold about twice as many phones as it had forecasted. 

This choice of the best PR agencies actually originated in Paris, France; it was founded in 1938. This PR firm has over a hundred offices spread out among 26 countries, and it has over 3,000 employees. In addition, it works with a quarter of the world’s top 100 brands. These top PR firms stands out among PR companies because of their core approach, which relies on certain key insights. What is more, this PR firm provides simple yet astute insights into emerging phenomena. Below are some of the elements we found compelling enough about the MSL Group to name it one of this year’s best PR agencies.

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