Tea and The present Market

Aside from water, tea is the most mainstream refreshment on the planet. This reality regularly astounds Americans living in a nation that has had little to do with tea since the Progressive War. The circumstance is very unique somewhere else, in any case. For many consumers over the globe, tea induces the sort of eagerness regularly connected with admirers of fine wines. Like a fine wine, tea is discussed, appreciated, and loved for its practically unending assortment of inconspicuous flavors. In reality, as far as its multifaceted nature, assortment, and overall intrigue, tea could be known as the “non-alcoholic wine.”

Albeit all tea originates from a similar plant, Camellia Sinensis, almost endless varieties in developing conditions, pickings, and handling result in more than 2000 assortments in China alone. To put it plainly, tea is the most various food item on the planet.

There are three diverse essential tea advertisements the conventional teabag showcase, the expanding packaged refreshment advertise, and the strength free market. The initial two markets all around speak to by significant organizations; yet, as the genuine tea fan rapidly finds, as does the admirer of fine wines, that the highest caliber is only from time to time the aftereffect of mass showcasing. Hence, it is to the third zone, the forte free tea advertises, that the tea darling must turn for the fulfillment that solitary the best free teas can give.

As enthusiasm for fine, free tea keeps on developing in the US, various organizations have entered the market. Lamentably, a portion of these organizations works under the misguided judgment that tea should be reclassified to be fruitful in America. Time after time the outcome has been an over-dependence on a la mode mixes, fruity flavors, and shrewdly bundled items. The straightforward truth is that tea scarcely needs such assistance. Tea’s 5000-year history is adequate proof that its notoriety is unceasing. Tea doesn’t require rethinking, just encountering – a reality comprehended by a developing number of tea consumers who want the exceptionally fulfilling experience that solitary genuine tea gives. For a really long time, Americans have thought that it was hard to acquire the sort of top-notch tea and learned to help all the more ordinarily accessible in Europe and parts of Asia.

Where to Drink the Best Milk Tea in Los Angeles

Are you a tea enthusiast who likes smooth, mellowed flavors instead of stronger, bitter ones? Are you a milk tea person? It isn’t surprising that many people are. Milk is a staple ingredient for tea in Asian countries. Taiwanese Boba tea is fast becoming the hottest trend in tea cafés. Milk gives a strong definition to teas and makes it more fulfilling. When compared to regular black tea, tea with some milk is easy on the palate and very refreshing. It doesn’t let the bitterness of the leaves seep in, leaving only the delicate flavor of tea behind. This segment will tell you everything about our range of best milk tea in Los Angeles.

Bontea wants to revive the long lost culture of tea. We strive to bring you the legacy of original, classic Milk Tea in a world where smoothies and coffees are the first choices. Do you love experimenting with flavors? We’re not even scared to tell you about the ‘special’ ingredients in our innovative recipes. Read on to know what makes our tea the best milk tea in Los Angeles.

Why Bontea?

Bontea has a knack for the organic. Be it our tea leaves, coffee beans, or dairy products – everything is organic. Do not underestimate the health benefits of going organic. Our black or bubble tea is packed with loads of antioxidants and is a natural pick-me-up. With our teas, we promise you a cleaner rejuvenating feel.

Each cup of tea has carefully curated flavors. Bontea offers the best milk tea in Los Angeles. We have experimented and created the most unique, exotic tea flavors. We also provide organic non-dairy options like almond, oat, and coconut milk to go with this unique taste. It’s our impeccable attention to detail, which gets you the perfect cup of hot tea. Our unique quality makes us who we are. We only use the best grade ingredients for everything we make and bring you the best taste, the best quality, and most of the health.

That’s not all. We believe in giving our customers the best experience with a good place for coffee drinking and enjoying their delicious snacks. We are located on Melrose Avenue, a bustling hotspot of activity.

 Why Milk Tea?

Milk Tea is widely known for its stress-relieving properties. It is a mood enhancer too. The simple concoction has many other benefits, such as aiding cholesterol levels and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a weight reducer. With our natural, delicious tea, you can get all these benefits too.

Milk tea is the perfect wake-me-up drink for mornings and also great for lazy afternoons when you just want to relax. Had a hectic day at work? Head over to us for a mellowed delight. Want to treat your taste buds? We have played with the versatility of milk tea and come up with the best brews for you.

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A Tea for Every Taste…

No matter what your preference is, we have a wholesome menu for the tea-lover in you. We offer customizations for those going sugar-free. We have organic dairy substitutes for the milk base as well. Browse through our range and know why we have the best milk tea in Los Angeles. 

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