What is Artista Mobile?

It’s the perfect place for every artist to create and maintain an exclusive mobile application and reach fans right on their iPhone or Android device. No coding required!

Who can create an app with Artista Mobile?

If you have the art of music, painting, photography, communications, acting or any other form of art, this is the tool for you. Artista Mobile helps you create your own mobile application that can be distributed for free through iTunes and Google Play.

Discover all the features you can add to your App…

Home Pictures

Rotate your pictures, promotions and events right on your app’s home screen.


Add a link to each song where users can download or buy your song. Fans can also listen to your songs while they use any other app.


Your fans can play by putting together a puzzle with your pictures and compete to be among the top 10.


Your fans can share and leave messages inside your app. 


Add your news. You can show a picture in the news description and add a link to it.


Add, organize and describe your photos.


Show all your videos by simply adding your YouTube channel. 


Let your fans know about your upcoming gigs and events.


Send Push Notifications directly to your followers’ devices even when your app is closed.


Add links to your pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Website and online store directly from your app.

Live Content

Update Your fans instantly receive every change or content that you upload. 


Add your blogs from WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.