How to Earn a Sell Vintage Books Online

sell vintage books online is attractive to many individuals because it invokes ideas of Johnny Depp-esque characters that are dark and tricky like in the film The Ninth Gate. Many others are also attracted to selling books because of the amount of benefit that can be realized from sales. Let’s be honest, what else can you purchase for only a couple dollars and pivot and resell for 10x to 100x the original value (that’s legal, obviously)?!

In the past, many such individuals opened “blocks and concrete” organizations with this very dream just to discover they couldn’t pay the operating expenses, or had to close their entryways because of the opposition of huge chain stores like Barnes and Noble.With the advent of the web, online bookselling has gotten a viable and exceptionally lucrative alternative to the expenses of “blocks and cement” establishments. Anyone who claims any books or literature, or that can purchase, acquire, or steal a couple of extra books a month can start their own online bookstore that is restricted exclusively by their will to succeed.

Are you looking for the best places to sell vintage books online? There are thousands of big bookselling websites and individual booksellers out there, and Google doesn’t always pull up the best results.

Book marketplaces make it simple for you to find various vintage books. Booksellers, who are usually members of an organization, list their books on searchable databases on the marketplace sites.

When the booksellers list their books, it helps buyers to search for hundreds or even thousands of books all on one site. It’s quite impressive that you can search for millions of books in just seconds. When a buyer orders a book, the individual bookseller ships the book to you.

This guide will show you where to sell vintage books online and valuable tips to ensure your success.

Keep Your Vintage Books In Good Condition
Regardless of the vintage books you have, there needs to be a certain level of care you need to consider. Keeping the books in good condition can retain their monetary value.

Keep in mind that some vintage books can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So you need to maintain its quality before you sell vintage books online. Follow the steps below:

1. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight
Sell vintage books online
Keeping your vintage books in good condition is much like an heirloom tapestry or a valuable painting. One of the most important things to do is check the environment in which you store the books.

As you may know, books are organic material that breaks down quickly when the environmental conditions are not favorable. And sunlight is one of the biggest enemies of vintage books.

The sunlight can cause the vintage books to discolor and change the book’s temperature. That can decrease the lifespan of the book considerably. What you need to do is keep your old books away from sunlight.

If need be, you can close the drapes or shades during active hours of sunlight to reduce the exposure.

2. Check The Air Quality
Are you living in an urban area with poor air quality? Such places have lots of sulfur and nitrogen components embedded in the air, increasing the book’s deterioration. To prevent this, you can store the books in storage boxes that can prevent air from entering.

Another option is to place an air purifier in the room where you’ve kept your vintage books. It can help to boost the air quality and increase the book’s life span.

3. Keep An Eye Out On The Temperature
Many booksellers have the habit of storing vintage books in the basements, attics, or garages, which is a terrible idea. They are the worst places to store books that can earn you thousands of dollars.

First of all, you expose the books to harsh conditions because the temperature is not controlled. That can cause long-term damage, decreasing its monetary value. If you have no other option but to store in such places, we recommend stabilizing the temperature and relative humidity.

You can use a dehumidifier in particular areas or use it conversely in specific dry areas.

4. Handle The Books With Gloves
There are oils from your hands that can cause the deterioration of the book. This is why experts use cotton gloves to handle valuable books in museums. The gloves provide a clean layer between the book and your skin.

If you don’t have a glove, you can wash your hands with soap and water. However, don’t use hand sanitizers because they can transfer to the paper and cause it to be yellow with time.

Top Places To Sell Vintage Books Online
In this section, we’ll explain the best places to sell vintage books online. We’ll begin with independent bookselling places and move onto the big bookselling websites. Keep in mind that there are many good bookselling websites apart from the big ones, such as eBay or Amazon.

These sites usually have knowledgeable, experienced booksellers and a strong focus on quality. Let’s begin.

Independent Bookselling Marketplaces
1. AntiqBook
AntiqBook has high respect for booksellers, holding them up to a high standard. The company doesn’t allow inaccurate vintage book descriptions, hyperbole, or poor business practices. Even though AntiqBook is based in the Netherlands, they have more than eight million books and hundreds of booksellers worldwide.

2. Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
ABAA was established in 1949 with the mission to promote interest in rare or vintage books. The company does this with professionalism and ethical standards in the book trade. ABAA lists various books from its booksellers (who are members) on its website.

If you want to sell vintage books online, you can decide to become a member and list your vintage books on their site. They have a vast audience who are willing to buy your vintage books.

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Author: Kanan Mirzayev