4 Ways to Cheat at Online Casino

Online casinos attract thousands of people because of the fun and variety of games and the generous prizes that can make anyone a millionaire in just the blink of an eye. Therefore, some people are willing to risk their money to get their dose of excitement.

Every gamer can maximize the chances of winning. Some do it in complicated but effective ways, while others seek an easy cheat that will give them a long-awaited jackpot.

In this article, let’s take a look at the top ways to cheat at online casinos.

Hacking online casinos

First of all, you need to understand that hacking sites is illegal and can lead to big problems with justice. Moreover, online casinos have thought out in advance all possible hacking, so they have equipped themselves with software that protects them from cyber attacks. Typically, today it is considered almost impossible to hack gambling sites. If you succeed, then most likely, you are a genius hacker-programmer who will go down in the history of the casino industry. Despite this, some small online casinos have their gaps in the system, basically in bonuses, through which hackers find loopholes and hack casino bonuses. However, such casinos become extremely difficult to see with the development of IT.

Bonus haunting

One of the most effective cheating methods is bonus hunting. Almost all online casinos have bonus packages to attract new players, so they focus on very generous welcome bonuses, often without requiring a deposit. Today, a group of gamblers has formed, carefully studying the offers of different sites, and are trying to get the maximum benefit from bonuses. Cheating like this is not easy and requires a perfect analytical mind and strategy.

But this type of cheating deprives you of the chance to receive loyalty bonuses. Since you will not stay on one platform, you will naturally not be able to get the privileges of permanent customers. Additionally, to reduce the influx of bonus hunters, most online casinos introduce a wagering requirement for bonuses, according to which, only after making a certain number of bets in online casino games can you take out winnings from your bonuses. Thus, you will not be able to leave the site immediately after using all your bonuses.

Creating multiple accounts

This method is related to the previous one. How can you maximize your bonus benefits if you find a site with attractive no deposit bonuses and wagering requirements? The answer is simple: open fake accounts and use bonuses several times. But even here, online casinos have found a way to combat cheaters by requesting the user’s ID card data for registration. Some people bypass these traps by using fictitious documents, which again are illegal and dangerous, or they use the data of their friends and family members.

Use betting strategies

Use betting strategies to minimize your risks of losing money. This is not only an intelligent approach to the game but also completely legal:

If you played in the previous round, increase your rates, or decrease them if you lose. Thus, you can guarantee yourself a safe game and increase your winnings.

Tips to maximize your winnings

Below you can find a list of other methods to increase your gains easily and legally:

  1. Play games with big payouts (Return To Player).  Choose games with an index above 90%.
  2. Carefully study the game’s rules, feedback from other users, and find out if the online casino has a license to avoid fraud.
  3. Start with the free versions. That is a great way to practice your skills before playing for money.
  4. Try to play on the same gambling site. Online casinos value regular users very much, so they give them generous loyalty bonuses.
  5. Keep track of your budget for betting. Do not go over the line of your budget in any way.


Online casinos are constantly improving their software, so it is almost impossible to hack sites. However, there are several very harmless methods to increase your winnings with minimal harm to your pocket. The main thing is to do everything neatly and within the framework of the law. Then, if you choose the suitable game for you and practice a lot, you will achieve success quickly without cheating.

Author: James Musk